Do you believe there are more Parthenon Marbles/Sculptures on the wreck to recover?

17 crates of Parthenon Marbles/Sculptures was the stated cargo and this number of crates was documented as being recovered by sponge divers during 1802 to 1804.

Was the Mentor carrying other antiquities, in addition to Parthenon Marbles/Scupltures?

There are signs, based on fossils and coins found so far but it will require more research to gain a better idea regarding what else may have been carried.

How is the wreck being protected?

We hope that local residents, particularly fishermen take a keen interest in guarding the site.

A permit is required to dive there and the Port Police have been asked to keep a close lookout.

Much of the hull is under the sand (protected that way), requiring specialised pumps to excavate.

Are you open to volunteers assisting?

A number of expert volunteers may wish to contact us if they can assist.

Experts on objects that have been recovered such as weapons belonging to the vessel/crew, for example.

Where will finds be displayed?

It is our dream to see a display established in the New Acropolis Museum, to educate the public about the Mentor (and Kythera), the part it played in transporting Parthenon Marbles/Sculptures, and research taking place about it today. Several excavation seasons may be necessary before such an exhibition could be ready.

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