Mentor Voyage

Below is a plot of the vessel’s course based on page 241 of the document Lord Elgin and His Collection, Author(s): Philip Hunt and A. H. Smith.

Source: The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol. 36 (1916), pp. 163‐ 372 Published by: The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies.

“On September 18, 1802, William Eglen, son of James Eglen of Wigton, Scotland, aged 42, made deposition in Aulemono Harbour, before the British Vice-Consul.

The ship’s company of the Mentor consisted of twelve persons, including the captain, Peter Macpherlan the purser, and Manoles Malis, of Melos, a pilot.

At Athens he had taken on board seventeen cases of antiquities, three passengers with three servants, and a Gibraltar seaman.

He started on September 15, and reached Cape Taenarum at 6 p.m. on the 16th.

A strong West wind blew during the night, which changed in the morning to West-North-West.

Tacking, the vessel was driven 40 miles to the South. Much water was being made at the bows, and two men were continually employed to keep it down. For this reason, and because the wind increased during the morning of the 17th it was necessary to make for some harbour.

On the advice of the pilot, it was determined to make for -Cerigo. They reached Aulemono or S. Nikolo Bay at 2 p.m. and cast two anchors. As the anchors did not hold, they cut the cables, and hoisted sail.

The ship, however, drifted, struck on the rocks and sank. For a wonder all were able to jump ashore, though somewhat hurt by the rough rocks.

In the first instance they were hospitably received on board an Austrian ship that happened to be in the bay, and were given clothing, etc.

Nothing had been saved, not even the passports, log-books, and bill of health. Nothing had since been recovered so far except some oars and sails.”


Passengers & Crew

Captain Eglin and crew were accompanied by;

Lord Elgin’s Private Secretary, William Richard Hamilton.

William Martin Leake.

Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Squire.


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