We Dig Kythira is a community based movement, bringing together members of the public, students and scholars to help discover and share rich Kytherian history.

Going out into the field and discovering ancient history from the ‘ground’ up. Then sharing findings with the community as an exciting way to learn about past civilizations and even connect with your own heritage.

The approach is multidisciplinary, involving archaeologists, historians, photographers, architects, geologists, communications specialists, local farmers and students. Plus volunteers from Greece, Australia, America and around the globe.

This movement has been established for two years now, kicking off in July 2010, when the Australian Diaspora helped implement a community-backed non-profit archaeology project on the Greek island of Kythera - ‘We Dig Kythira’ – where members of the public, students and scholars participated in community archaeology.

Follow how things are going and what’s being found, plus information on how this model of archaeology could be expanded across Greece.

Who should be interested?
* Anyone with a Greek background & friends
* People with ties to Kythera
* Students & academics
* Adventurers
* History buffs, especially those interested in ancient history
* Members of Hellenic committees and community leaders

Click to see a  We Dig Kythira Video

This project would not have been possible without the gracious support of the Kytherian Association of Australia and Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust.

The reason for such a project is people. So people from now, can gain an understanding about humanity over the ages.

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  1. Elisabeth on said:

    I am a French journalist writing a story on the situation of archeology in Greece following the austeruty measures. I have read in the NYTimes article by Randy Kennedy, interviewing Aris Tasravopoulos, that artefacts came to the surface of the ground following a storm but that no official digging could be done because of lack of budget. I was wondering if photos exist of that and if I could be granted the use to publish them in my article. The website of the magazine is http://www.archeogia-magazine.com
    Thank you for contacting me at your earliest convenience on my email.

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