To the Dig site when in Kythera

A map view of the dig site is here:

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Satellite View

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Directions from Agia Pelagia (Below)

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For those travelling from Potamos, Agia Pelagia, Karavas etc. the easiest way is to turn towards Fratsia just past Dokona.

Turn left and follow the sign to Fratsia, then Avlemonas, near where Camelot nightclub is.

Turn left here, if travelling from Potamos, Agia Pelagia, Karavas etc

Here's a bigger version of the sign in the picture above.

Once in Fratsia, continue towards Avlemonas, for a few kilometres, with the parking area on the left, about 500m past where you’ll see a church, Agios Vasilios, just off the road from Fratsia to Avlemonas.

Paliokastro/Paleokastro is a mountain located approximately half way between Mitata/Fratsia and Paliopolis.

The dig site is about 750 metres from the road, accessible by a 4WD/walking trail.

At the top of this small mountain is Agios Kosmas, a church built approximately 720 years ago, incorporating materials from an ancient temple that stood in the area, 1900 years earlier, when the side of the hill functioned as a Laconian-controlled citadel.

If you have a 4WD vehicle, you can drive as far as the cow station (animal enclosure at the end of the 4WD trail) or walk up.

There’s a walking trail leading to Agios Kosmas from there, you’ll see the archaeological team along this trail most days during July.

We might be able to assist by sending one of the archaeological team in a 4WD to pick up those with limited mobility. Call John Fardoulis on + 30 698 437 4571 during July or email prior to July if you’d like to discuss.

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