Archaeology Month

Second Minoan Peak Sanctuary in Kythera?

Tuesday July 26th, 2011

The latest of the Archaeology Month in Kythera public presentations was held in Mylopotamos last night, where Dr. Mercourios Georgiadis explained theories about a second Minoan (mountain) Peak Sanctuary at Leska on the Mermygkari mountain, based on a rescue excavation that took place this month. There’s been a stellar lineup of speakers so far, many of the top experts on Kytherian archaeology.

It was great to have a lot of local people attend. Being open will help gradually change opinions regarding archaeology.

Dr. Mercourios Georgiadis
Having the legendary Adonis Kyrou attend, who first discovered the sanctuary at Leska, was a real treat.

World Class Event in Avlemonas
Professor Emilia Banou and Professor Ioannis Petrohilos are both international experts on Kytherian archaeology.

Having them both speak on the same night was a real privilege.

Professor Banou presented a summary of work taking place over the last 15+ years at the Minoan Peak Sanctuary located at Agios Yiorgios sto Vouno and Professor Petrohilos outlined 10+ years of work that his team has completed at the sanctuary near Agios Yiorgios at Paliokastro.

Some in the audience suggested that the temple near Agios Yiorgios at the top of the Paliokastro is one to Aprodite – a big deal for Kythera, considering a strong association with goddess Aphrodite, although Professor Petrohilos warned that as an archaeologist he has to be careful before making such claims.

Professor Emilia Banou presenting highlights about the Minoan Peak Sanctuary at Agios Yioryios sto Vouno
Part of Professor Banou’s presentation
Over 100 people attended the open air presentation around the port of Avlemonas

Professor Ioannis Petrohilos presenting to the community in his home town, Avlemonas
Female figurines found by Professor Petrohilos. Some believe these are early Hellenic votives to Aphrodite, Kythera’s best known deity.









July is Archaeology Month in Kythera.

Members of the public can visit the Paliokastro dig site for an 8.30am tour, most days in July except Sundays.

During July there will be presentations from every major archaeological team working in Kythera over the last 30 years.

Lots of events, excursions, even special church services in locations next to dig sites.

The following is a brief summary. NOTE: There have been changes since the initial program was organised. The following is the latest schedule.

Friday Night, July 8th. Public Presentation: Antikythera – Ancient Pirate’s Lair and/or Persian Naval Base?
8.30pm School of Chora Cost: Free

Thursday Morning (8am), July 21st – Profitis Elias Liturgy

Thursday Night July 21st, Public Presentation: Prehistoric Kythera & a Laconian Connection
8.30pm Diakofti, outside Agios Minas church. Cost: Free

Friday Morning (8am), July 22nd – Agios Yioryios (Paliokastro) reawakening

Fri Night July, 22nd. Public Presentation  Ayios Yeoryios sto Vouno: Archaeological Research on a Minoan Peak Sanctuary outside of Crete & The Ancient Sanctuary at the top of Paliokastro Mountain
8.30pm Avlemonas (outdoors in the port area). Cost: Free

Saturday Afternoon July 23rd: Annual Agios Kosmas Service

Monday Night, July 25th. Public Presentation: A Second Minoan Peak Sanctuary in Kythera?
8.30pm Mylopotamos Cost: Free

Tuesday Night, July 26th. Public Presentation: Excavating Kythera’s Ancient Buried Laconian (Spartan) Capital – Results from Season II
8.30pm outside the British School in Potamos. Cost: Free

Wednesday Night, July 27th. Friends of Kytherian Museums launch
8pm in Chora

Public presentation in Potamos
Public presentation in Potamos

Talks and presentations about archaeology in Kythera.

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  1. Tina Angle on said:

    I will be in Kythira July 10 and would be interested in the trip to Antikythira. Is is still a go? Thank you.

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