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This site was established by the Kytherian Research Group Inc.

It has been funded by the Kytherian Research Group and greatly assisted by volunteers.

Contact if you can help.

Kytherian Research Group

The Kytherian Research Group Inc. is a registered non-profit incorporated association in the state of NSW, Australia. Headquarters is based in the suburb of Lilyfield, Sydney.

We are about uncovering the rich history of Kythera and Antikythera.

Particularly educating members of the Kytherian Diaspora and general public regarding elements of the island and it’s history that they may not have seen or known about.

Making a difference. Non profit. All volunteered.

To engage, the community and related parties, help discover exciting new finds, and inspire everyone by sharing knowledge.

One of the main priorities is creating new bodies of work through field research, discovering material that is not ‘yet’ written in books, combining knowledge and adventure.

More information is available here:

John Fardoulis is the founder and official spokesman.

The Kytherian Research Group (KRG) works very closely with the Kytherian Association of Australia and a number of government departments in Greece such as the Department of Maritime Antiquities and 26th Ephorate of Classical & Prehistoric Antiquities, Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Financial support from the Kytherian Association of Australia and Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust has been a catalyst in making KRG projects possible.

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