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2012 Not Happening

The 2012 excavation at Paliokastro is not happening.

The problem is the 26th Ephorate of Classical and Prehistoric Antiquities won’t extend the existing permit under the supervision of Aris Tsaravopoulos (who was previously in charge of Kythera for more than a decade), now that he has been made to retire from the government archaeological service.

Mr Tsaravopoulos is prepared to volunteer his time and expertise, the problem is the Ephorate not issuing a permit for this to happen.

Money was available to support 6 volunteer Greek archaeologists, who could have supervised up to 25 members of the public each day throughout July 2012.

Such a waste – with bureaucracy (not Austerity or a lack of funds) getting in the way of preserving cultural heritage.

We’ll post the email addresses of who to complain to in the Greek  government shortly.

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Update Re. 2012 Dig

The permit to excavate at Paliokastro in 2012 still hasn’t come through and it might not be approved in time for the regular July timeframe.

At this stage our advice for people living abroad is not to count on the dig going ahead this year.

The situation might improve at the last minute, so those people already planning to holiday in Kythera might be fortunate enough to be able to particapte, but at this stage, don’t plan a trip based on the dig.



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2012 Dig

Notice re. 2012 Paliokastro dig.

At this stage we’re waiting for the permit to be approved by the Ministry of Culture.

This isn’t likely to happen before April. It might take longer.

If everything goes well, the excavation will run from July 2nd – July 25th.

Tours will probably run at Paliokastro in Kythera at 9.30am, most days, except Sundays in July.

Call John on + 30 698 437 4571 to confirm details a couple of days prior.

As long as everything goes according to plan is will be possible to become a weekly volunteer up till July 25th, for people who can meet at the dig site each morning (usually at 7.15am, except Sundays) – for a minimum of 5 mornings.

Volunteers will be responsible for their own accommodation, sustenance and transport.www.visitkythera.gr is a good resource for contact details on the island.

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Elise Hilder Gallery

A gallery has been created to showcase images taken during the excavation and associated events by photography lecturer, Elise Hilder.

It’s available here.

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Video Diaries, Web TV Series, Episode 4

In this episode archaeologist Geli Fragou explains how a large column from an older temple or public building was used in the base of one of Trench A building’s walls. The column was possibly carved 60-80 years earlier and reused after the public building or temple it was made for suffered some sort of catastrophe.

Perhaps a natural disaster, or something else?

We don’t know… yet.

Video Diaries – Archaeological Web TV Series – Episode 4 from KRG-TV on Vimeo.

Other episodes are available here.

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Kythera from above

I’ve been experimenting with imaging (photos & video) from many different perspectives – in the air, under the sea and lots of places in between.

Here’s some sample aerial work.

More is available here.

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Episode 3 – Video Diaries, Web TV Series

Episode 3 of the Video Diaries is now available for viewing.

In this episode, Archaeologist Gely Fragou explains how a section of the building exposed in Trench B was modified during antiquity, blocking off a doorway that once existed.

The reason for this is still unknown.

Gely also explains where the building was within the citadel, which functioned as Kythera’s capital for at least 500 years before Christ.

Other episodes are available here.

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Natalia Tsoukala’s Dig Video

Natalia Tsoukala has made a great video from photos and video she took in Kythera during July.



Dig Kythira_ Archaeology in Kythira from Natalia Tsoukala on Vimeo.

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Profitis Elias Reawakening – Video

Here’s a video of the Profitis Elias reawakening in July 2011.

This is probably the most difficult church to access in Kythera. Bringing life back to it proved that the once seemingly impossible became possible.

More than anything, the project instilled a feeling of hope.

More information is here.

Images in the video are by Natalia Tsoukala, Elias Marsellos, Fivos Tsaravopoulos & John Fardoulis.

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Streets of Chora

I took a bit of experimental photography and video while in Kythera. Not as much as I would have liked, but there’s always next year.

Streets of Chora, Kythera from john fardoulis on Vimeo.

More is here.

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Natalia Tsoukala Gallery

A gallery has been created to showcase images taken during the excavation and associated events by professional photographer, Natalia Tsoukala.

It’s available here.

More of Natalia’s work can be seen here: www.nataliatsoukala.com.

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Paleokastro From Above

It’s time to progressively go through the thousands of photos and hours of video taken while in Kythera.

Here’s a few aerial shots from Paleokastro for starters.

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Underwater Perspective, Nordland Shipwreck, Diakofti

The hull is still in one piece, from the surface down to 30m

Here’s a few photos providing a different view of a shipwreck that is now part of the fabric of nice Kytherian seaside village, Diakofti.

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Plans, Hopes & Dreams

An interview in O Kosmos newspaper from back in November 2010.

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Mentor Shipwreck Puts Kythera on the Map This Week

Coverage in Greek newspapers, on the web and TV is growing, since the Ministry of Culture announced Mentor excavations from July.

A few examples are here (via Google).

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